About us


Since 2011, Holms smokehouse and restuarant have been owned and managed by Jørgen and Marianne Holm. Previously, they both worked on Rømø Harbor. Jørgen as captain of oversea vessels on the seven seas, before returning to Rømø in the mid-seventies as a skipper with own boat “HV 73” from 1980-2006, where he retired. He is born and has lived his entire life on Rømø whenever he was ashore.

In the seventies, Marianne moved from mid-Jutland to Rømø where she began her career within hospitality industry. She worked in the business for 10 years before taking a break to start a family. Until 2011, Marianne worked for the shrimp producer Heiploeg on Rømø Harbour. Despite leaving the hospitality industry,  she always have had a fondness for it, therefore the decision of opening a restaurant was easy.