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Fish sale (shop) and restaurant in the Smokehouse

Holm’s Smokehouse on Rømø

Welcome to our beautiful fish restaurant, smokehouse and fish shop on the lovely Romo island. Holm’s owners and operators are the two cooks Peter and Alexandra. From the 2020 season, the two will be supported by Max Mano in the kitchen. We pay great attention to the taste and quality. So let your mouth fill with water for the look and smell of our dishes.

Watch video from our smokehouse here

Schedule for fish buffet in 2022

Here you will find a schedule for our fish buffet. There may be some changes, so keep an eye on our website. You will find all changes here.

Friday22. April
Large and popular fish buffet at our place

You can enjoy our seasonal fish buffet twice a month

Our big fish buffet consists of about 40 different dishes, of course you can find all the best from sea, salads and dessert. Our fish buffet is seasonal, that’s why you will find the different buffet days here on our page. Contact us to make sure you get a table for the buffet, it’s very popular here.

Call and order no later than the day before!

It is important that you call in a good time, just to make sure you will get a table. Call us or send an email on our booking site on our website. Remember, your reservation is valid just after you have received confirmation from us.

Looking for something special? Or you wish a specific fish? Contact us to hear more.

We have place and atmosphere

For children and big groups as well

We have a great place for bigger groups, as well as new couples in love or families with children. On our menu card you will find dishes for adults and children.

There is a large selection of different fish in Holm’s menu. In our fish shop you can buy the different delicacies if you like to prepare fish yourself or enjoy smoked fish at home.

Make sure that you make reservation in advantage if you want to get the table in the restaurant. Don’t forget to call us before you come, if you want table for the same day.

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