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    Holm’s smokehouse

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    Holm’s smokehouse

About Holm’s smokehouse

We have a great passion for fish and the food culture of the Danish kitchen

Holm’s smokehouse is a cozy fish restaurant with its own smokehouse and fish shop, where you call always buy fresh and smoked fish.

From 2011 Holm’s smokehouse and restaurant was owned by Joern and Marianne Holm. Since 1st January 2016 it was leased by Peter and Alexandra Paprotny and in January 2019, they turned to be the owners of Holm’s smokehouse and restaurant. The restaurant continues to work in the same, where Peter with his Holm’s family has brought restaurant to a new life. He was working here as kitchen chef.

Both, Peter and Alexandra, come from Germany and they are qualified kitchen chefs, Peter since 1985, and Alexandra since 1990. Peter in a qualified pastry chef, and Alexandra finished her apprenticeship in 2013 as
Nutrition assistants in Denmark.

In 1992 they moved to north part of Germany, where they ran a restaurant of the German side of the border. Since 2008 the family and their 4 children are living on Romo.








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