Fish buffet

Schedule for fish buffet in 2022

Here you will find a schedule for our fish buffet. There may be some changes, so keep an eye on our website. You will find all changes here.

Large and popular fish buffet at our place

Our seasonal fish buffet once every month

2 days in a row

On our big fish buffet, you will see many different dishes, and of course everything good from the ocean. Our fish buffet is seasonal, and the different dates for it will be on our website as well. Contact us to be sure to get a table for the buffet, because it is very popular.



Table reservations can only be from 17:00 – 19:30


You decide when you want to come from 17. But the table MUST be free again at latest 19:30 and then from 19:30 – 21:30

You can order your table directly on our website!

It is important that you call us in good time, just to make sure you will get a table. Call us or send an email on our booking site on our website. Remember, your reservation is valid just after you have received confirmation from us.