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The boutique always has an exciting selection of freshly caught fish and shellfish. Straight on in our smokehouse you will find many smoked products. We are smoking fish several times per day during high season.

One of our specialties is our smoked shrimps and salmon “Canadian” style. from season 2020 we are offering Romo oysters as well. You can also compose your own fish plates, where you can choose different salads and smoked products by yourself.

If you want to order food out of the house, you must call us directly, as we do not accept orders via e-mail. We look forward to helping you with your order.

Our own delicacies

Enjoy our good products

We value personal service and would like to know your requirements that you expect from us. That’s why we like to talk to our customers to find out how we can do it. If you have a special wish for Christmas or Easter, talk with us and we will find out how we can help you.

We smoke all our smoked good ourselves. That`s way you can be sure you get fresh and new smoked goods.