Enjoy the taste of freshly made fish

Enjoy a lovely meal inside our restaurant

In our lovely restaurant on Rømø, you will find a menu with different types of fish dishes, that we have made with a lot of love for the Danish kitchen and for the ocean close to Rømø. We have of course also some dishes for those who doesn’t like fish.

On our dinner menu you will find some different dishes that you can combine to 2-, or 3-course dish. If you decide to order a menu, we will give some discount on your menu. You will find further information on the menu.

Would you like to order takeaway, then you can order it directly on our website. When you have paid, the order will come directly into the kitchen. A paid order is a confirmation for your order. If you have any questions, are you more than welcome to call us at this number (+45) 7475 5066 and if we don’t pick up the phone then it is because we have a lot to do and are focusing on our guests at the restaurant. We hope that you have acceptance for that.

Orders through mail, cannot be made at the same day as the mail is send.

Fish buffet in high season

Info about the fish buffet

Enjoy our delicious fish, seafood and delicacies and fill yourself with food at our fish buffet. Our large fish buffet consists of about 40 different dishes, starts with salads and ends with desserts.

We unfortunate can’t take any specific table orders inside the restaurant when you order your table, the system gives you a table automaticly.

Unless people with handicaps or with difficulties in walking. All tables should be ordered on our website.

Table reservations can be from 17:00 – 19:30

You can order your table directly on our website!


Because of the fire security is it not possible to bring you baby buggy inside the restaurant.

REMEMBER! Children must be counted in as a person no matter the age, because also a child needs a place by the table.
Your reservation is first confirmed when you have received a message or an email

(Remember to check spam mails)

If you are a group of 8 people or more you must call us, otherwise we can’t promise you that you will get a table, it is not possible to order it for the exact same day as you call, you must call at least one day before.

Prices for the fish buffet



75 kr.


170 kr.


355 kr.